What matters is not
how large you are, but
how effectively you
mobilize your
strengths at the point
of impact.

Management by
 works - if
you know the
Ninety percent of
the time you don't.
Peter Drucker

​A&D contractors and their Offset Departments need to discharge their obligations while balancing divergent demands and the need of their head office, the Customer, Offset Administrators of the purchasing country and their home government requirements to fulfill their Offset and successfully achieve the milestones in a cost effective manner.


Whether it is an In-direct or Direct Offset or a Pre Offset challenge you are facing, we will help you deliver your Offset obligations on time and budget and most importantly design it to be sustainable so that all stakeholders benefit in the long term.

We work with you to craft a strategic game plan that would satisfy the conflicting needs of the parties and deliver results. Our team has experience in the Arabian Peninsula, East Europe and The Far East for Offsets.

The most important factor in any project is delivery. Delivery of the projects, and the techno-economic benefits to both the A&D and to the country where they are discharging their Offset.


Our vast experience in business consultancy for various industry segments and Defense, allows us to be the partner you can rely on to work with you to fulfill your Offset in a practical, cost effective manner.






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