About Us

CORE provides you with practical, result oriented business advisory services that leads to sustainable operational breakthroughs. Our clients range from multi-billion dollar corporations in the Fortune 100 rankings to medium and large U.A.E and international companies.

Breaking the culture of sameness!

All our services are tailored to the our client’s business environment and requirements, and not template driven, off the shelf consultancy. One of the hallmarks of our service is that we use the best of Western and Eastern Management practices and philosophy and adapt them for the business environment of the Gulf region rather than using case study based, theoretical solutions


We go beyond the traditional consultancy approach; of just giving advise that you need to implement by yourself.

We turn our recommendations and plans into results by assisting you, working closely with you to implement the changes that deliver results. We stand besides you and facilitate in implementing the roadmap we jointly define for you and we are invested in your success as much as you are

Companies that engage CORE are:
  • Looking for real time results, not reports or theories they have to interpret and implement by themselves.

  • They have a burning desire to beat the competition by miles and NOT be a part of the crowd.

  • They are terrified of stagnation.

  • They want to make their customers and stakeholders as loyal and fanatical about them as football fans are for their favorite team.

  • They believe in creating VALUE for their shareholders, employees, and business partners; profitability is just one of the measures not the only measure.

  • In computer industry jargon, they don't want to be Windows or Android compatibles, they want to be APPLE Inc. of their industry.

  • They BELIEVE and DEMONSTRATE that their people are their most important resource and strive to create an environment to attract and nurture the best talent.

  • They want to change, NOT for the sake of change but because they want to be better than they ever were – fast.

  • Who believe that best practices and benchmarking is for conventional companies. They want to set standards that others will follow.

  • They want to change, NOT for the sake of change but because they want to be better than they ever were – fast.

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