Defining the Mission and the tactics to succeed.

"Strategy without
tactics is the slowest
route to victory.
Tactics without
strategy is the noise
before defeat."

Sun Tzu

The purpose of Corporate and Strategic Planning (CSP) is to define a direction for the long-term future of a company as a whole. A clear vision of the future is essential to succeeding in today’s cut throat environment. It helps to define objectives, strategies, tactics and feedbacks needed to be built in to monitor progress.

Business as usual will not create results that put you ahead, nor does incremental improvement. We work with clients that want to develop “out of the box” thinking when it comes to planning and developing the future of their business and better their competitors by miles.

Our approach to strategy development is adapted for the current turbulent times, where we do not have the luxury of time to spend weeks in self-examination and committee meetings. Instead we have developed a Rapid Strategy Planning methodology, which aims to develop the strategy over 14 working days and put in place a monitoring and feedback system for rapid assessment and course correction.

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