Performance defined

and measured.

Quality does not come
from an ISO certification
or TQM process.


Quality is defined and
redefined continuously
to meet challenges of an
ever changing

Balanced Scorecard is a performance management system that combines internal and external objectives of an organization’s strategic plan with key performance measures. It combines measures of a financial and non financial nature.

This enables the management to clearly communicate their goals to the whole organization, how they would be measured, allow KPIs to be constantly monitored and corrected rapidly.

BSC is the most effective tool that ensures your corporate strategy is cascaded to the front line staff. It involves everyone from the C-level management to the grass root level staff member into the company’s goal; so you can be sure that everyone is contributing to the company’s success.

Three important reasons why Financial Measures alone are not enough:

  • They do not capture all of a company’s strategic objectives.
  • Bottom-line measures are after the fact.
  • They are not very diagnostic.

Balanced Scorecards on the other hand help in:

  • Establishing clear objectives.
  • Develop performance measures
  • Set targets.
  • Measure and feedback.

Implementing the BSC is a exciting exercise that needs to be planned and implemented with care if results and benefits of this are to be delivered.

Successful implementations take into account creation of a clear Vision and Mission, identifying right measures to focus on, training and explaining the changes to stakeholders and employees.

In this; we can provide you with expertise that makes your implementation as smooth as possible and above all successful

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